Peter Packer | Photographer
There are a number of available channels through which you can obtain my images.

Commissions: Frequently the most cost effective route to multiple unique and exclusive images. I supply high-end digital files with vested copyright.

Stock images: Personal or requested work is available via international stock libraries with usage and size based licence fees - cost effective for editorial and single use. Potentially costly when unforeseen usage occurs in the future, nor can exclusivity always be guaranteed.

Fine prints: Certain personal images are available as high quality art prints in both limited and open editions. Priced according to image size and edition.



Realistic, transparent and without surprises. Photography rates and travel costs are competitive and affordable for any size enterprise or private individuals.

Discounts for multiple bookings (call down and pay as required) reduces costs.

Please contact me for more information. Without any obligation I am happy to meet and talk through your specific requirements and expectations.